Magnific Shimmer Body Cream, 190ml

Reference: 075354

Achieve a smoother and more radiant-looking skin, with the new Illuminating Moisturising Body Cream. It provides a subtle glow that enhances the skin's tan, thanks to the micro-illuminating minerals. It provides instant radiance and stimulates the senses with the light, elegant fragrance. Provides the WOW effect you need to be radiant.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

Fragrance: Flowers
Sales format: Box 6 Units

An elegant and exceptional floral powdery fragrance, which blends perfectly with oriental spicy notes. A magnificent fragrance with a lot of sensuality. 

Why do we like it?

- Provides a healthy glow

- Soft texture

- Non-greasy

- Luminous reflection

- Enhances tanning

- Suitable for all skin types

Main Benefits:

- Vegetable glycerin: Moisturizes and makes the skin softer, preventing it from drying out.

- Mica: Group of shiny minerals that provides luminosity. 

- Perfume with high content of natural essential oils.


- Vegetable glycerine
- Mica

Apply a small amount of lotion to slightly damp skin. Massage gently until completely absorbed.

Use daily after showering or bathing. 

Can be used every day or as often as needed.

External use, do not apply to open wounds, do not ingest, avoid direct contact with eyes.

Top notes: Floral, green
Heart notes: Spicy, spicy, powdery
Base notes: Woody


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