Tea Tree Purifying Gel and Shampoo, 230ml

Reference: 074470

A new 2-in-1 tea tree gel and shampoo with a purifying and moisturising effect, made with a combination of natural ingredients, such as tea tree essential oil and lemon and orange essential oils.

This novel formula is also enriched with urea and Keratrix, which hydrate, repair and strengthen the hair.

Its special scent with citrus fruit notes plunges you into a refreshing, relaxing experience.

Fragrance: Citrus
Sales format: Display 6 Units
Volume: 230 ML

Tea tree essential oil contains properties that purify the skin, helping to prevent the appearance of common skin and hair problems.

Enhanced with urea for a moisturising, protective effect.

Contains Keratrix, a hair repairing and strengthening active ingredient that protects the hair fibre, strengthens it, prevents breakage and increases elasticity.

The essential oils of lemon and orange provide the skin with refreshing, relaxing and astringent properties.