Mini Cuore Cologne Selection (Her), 20ml

Reference: 057855

Eau de parfum for her.

Four fragrances with magical floral and fruity notes.

24-unit display.

Fragrance: Flowers, Fruits
Sales format: Display 24 Units
Volume: 20 ML

Selection display combining the references:

- 056483 Cuore Red Eau de Parfum
- 056537 Cuore Pink Eau de Parfum
- 056919 Cuore Silver Eau de Parfum
- 056995 Cuore Gold Eau de Parfum

Spray the eau de parfum 10 centimetres from your skin, preferably to pulse areas: behind the ears and on the neck, nape and wrists. That way, your fragrance will be notable for longer. If you keep your skin hydrated it will last even longer.

Cuore Red: Chypre-Floral
Cuore Pink: Oriental-Floral
Cuore Silver: Oriental-Floral
Cuore Gold: Floral-Fruity

Assorted display of 24 units.