Pink Cuore Mini Cologne

Reference: 056537
Eau de Parfum for women. Purely feminine fragrance with an intensely sweet, sexy and elegant essence.
Display of 23 units + gift tester.
Fragrance: Flowers, Oriental
Sales format: Display 23 Units
Volume: 20 ML
A timeless fragrance for a romantic woman. The floral and amber character, combined with powdery flowers, freesia and peony, is accompanied by notes of lychee. Its floral body of rose and lily-of-the-valley rests on hints of amber and cedar wood.
Spray the Eau de Parfum 10 centimetres away from your skin, preferably on the pulse points: behind your ears, neck, nape and wrists, to make the fragrance last longer. If you keep your skin hydrated it will last even longer.
The rose as flower is at the heart of the romantic, feminine and tender expression of the woman, evokes the sweetness of the woman. Fusion of magnolia and generous peony, is like a combination of powder and honey on the skin. Vibrates with a woody chord, a touch of ambergris and a note of cedar.
Display of 23 units + gift tester.