Purple Butterfly Mini Cologne

Reference: 044749
Eau de Parfum for women. An informal, fresh and fruity perfume with a floral aroma.
Display of 23 units + gift tester.
Fragrance: Flowers, Fruits
Sales format: Display 23 Units
Volume: 15 ML
It is an informal perfume, fresh, fruity with a floral aroma. floralfrutal that opens with fresh and appetizing notes.
Spray the Eau de Parfum 10 centimetres away from your skin, preferably on the pulse points: behind your ears, neck, nape and wrists, to make the fragrance last longer. If you keep your skin hydrated it will last even longer.
Its fruity and floral fragrance opens with sweet notes of Granny Smith apples and fresh Sicilian cedar and bluebells. The body contains floral notes of jasmine, white rose and bamboo, and has a sweet finish of musk and amber.
Display of 23 units + gift tester.