Mini Perfume Collection 3 Femme

Reference: 715526

Gift set with three mini FEMME eau de parfums.

The ideal gift for any occasion.

Sales format: Box 6 Units
Volume: 20 ML

Gift set with three mini Femme eau de parfums.

Three fresh perfumes with fruity scents and intense, sweet, floral tones that you'll love!

Spray the eau de parfum 10 centimetres from your skin, preferably to pulse areas: behind the ears and on the neck, nape and wrists. That way, your fragrance will be notable for longer. If you keep your skin hydrated it will last even longer.


The Femme fragrance forms a part of the fruity-floral fragrance family. This fragrance is inspired by the idea of natural, simple beauty and happiness at enjoying the little things in life. The perfume is built around iris, which is the key ingredient, enveloped in orange blossom and jasmine notes, with enticing, fruity top notes of blackcurrant and pear, along with warm, gourmand, powdery base notes of tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.


With a floral, amber nature, this classic yet modern perfume is designed for a romantic, sexy and sensual woman. Its powdery floral bouquet of peony and freesia, accompanied by hints of lychee, is the prelude to a floral heart of rose and lily of the valley, which is supported by base notes of amber and cedarwood.


Pertaining to the floral-fruity fragrance family, this is a complex, ambitious fragrance for the woman that all men dream of seducing. It opens with a fruity top note of orange leaves, while its scintillating base notes of neroli and a raspberry cloud extol its opulent, carnal heart. Through its heart notes, this fragrance becomes floral and mild with a pairing of jasmine and orange blossom. Its woody base notes reveal its sensual side with its combination of patchouli and honey.

Contiene 3 unidades de mini Eau de Parfum: - Eau de Parfum Femme Pink : 20ml - Eau de Parfum Femme Gold: 20ml - Eau de Parfum Femme Red : 20ml